Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Epidemic algorithms

I wonder if epidemic algorithms are the only way to fly, in a strictly self-organising system. I'm going to try and look into what they are and whether they'd contribute to self-organisation. This could be a dead-end, but I won't know until I look.

The links that I'm looking at right now are:

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My readings

My readings so far (of academic papers) are at:

It's a nice site for a minimal recording of the papers that one reads, online. The best part that I like about it, is the javascript button that it provides. Said button allows me to record bibliographic data about each paper, mostly automatically from the website (say ACM, IEEE, citeseer etc). Most useful while writing papers.

architecture of apps in the cloud

I'm looking to do some research on self-organising architectures for applications in the cloud. As a part of the lit-survey, I'm looking to understand the current architectures of apps in the cloud, how they manage scaling, how they optimise w.r.t to performance vs. cost tradeoffs.

The urls that seem to at least mention the architectures of apps in the cloud are:

First Page

I've been thinking about jotting down my thoughts with regard to my research. The road to a PhD is not a royal one and there'll be several wrong turns, dead ends and missteps. The purpose of this blog is:

1. To serve as a quick notebook to jot down urls that I might find useful in research
2. To serve as a board for me to pin up ideas and then throw darts at
3. To enable me to see the continuity or the lack thereof in my progression of ideas
4. To allow others to see and comment on the content inside